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    ADEONA Healthcare is a leader in providing treatment for substance abuse, mental health disorders and co-occurring disorders. We have had the good fortune of treating many people at our facility. Some of them have been very kind in sharing their testimonials with us. We are publishing a few of those testimonials here for people grappling with the same behavioral or mental health problem, but hesitant in reaching out for help.

    If you have any questions or want more information about the programs offered at ADEONA Healthcare, call our 24/7 helpline (888) 997-3966 and speak to a member of our team. You can even chat online to our admission counselor for immediate help.

    *The testimonials are a reflection of an individual’s outcomes which may vary from person to person. We do not claim that what each patient experiences is the characteristic outcome that patients may usually achieve.

    Stephanie G.

    Stephanie G. had a problematic relationship with alcohol and drugs since her early teens. She even received a DUI, however, she realized the seriousness of...

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    Baylee T.

    When Baylee discovered that her mother had attempted suicide twice, it broke her heart and pushed her towards depression. Not feeling her usual happy self,...

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    Maria W.

    Maria W. suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) since her grammar school days. When she reached her early teens, she was also diagnosed with...

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    Lucy S.

    Lucy S. developed suicidal tendencies at the age of 15. Her family had a history of depression, so her mother was not surprised when she...

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    Treasure O.

    Treasure O. always had a strained relationship with her family. Due to the stress, she started abusing different substances at an early age. Gradually, to...

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    Eric B.

    Starting out with marijuana and beer at a tender age of 12, Eric B. gradually moved on to opiates, prescription pills, and finally started using...

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