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Amber gets hopeful and happy post treatment.

Amber was a lost soul. At the age of 13 years, she felt the first symptoms of depression. She started self-medicating the symptoms with alcohol. Slowly, her grades started dropping and she lost all interest in school. After almost four years of suffering in silence, she reached a breaking point with no one to turn to and started contemplating suicide. One lucky evening, while browsing the internet, she came to know about ADEONA Healthcare.

Since ADEONA Healthcare was located in California itself, it was within her reach. When she spoke to one of our representatives, she was assured that her insurance was accepted and that she could envision a life free of alcohol and depression. That one call changed the course of her life as she chose to seek treatment. She talked to her parents and they were more than happy to support her.

Amber liked ADEONA Healthcare immediately because of the number of therapists that the facility has. She was impressed with the cordial staff and its wide open spaces. She connected with her therapist immediately which helped her recover. She also benefitted from the group therapies and family therapy sessions. Initially, she was apprehensive about the treatment plan because she was being treated for co-occurring disorders – alcoholism and depression. However, as the treatment progressed, she started getting a hold on herself and realized that lack of friends in her formative years had led to her depression. It took her a while to appreciate things around her and mingle with people, however, when she was able to, she felt that life was beautiful and had a lot to offer.

Today, she has recovered from her depression and has no craving for alcohol. These days, she runs for marathons and diligently works on restoring her fitness. She is very particular about her aftercare classes and never skips them. She has made new friends and volunteers for those struggling with alcoholism and mental health disorders. Life has come a full circle for her and she is ever so thankful to ADEONA Healthcare for being the beacon of change for her.