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    After heroin addiction, Brandon gets a new lease on life.

    Brandon was battling heroin addiction for several years. The addiction cost him his relationship with his family, education, and even health. He was completely disoriented and had nowhere to go. After battling heroin addiction for five years, Brandon sought help at ADEONA Health Group to end his addiction and begin a new life.

    Brandon choose ADEONA Healthcare as he was looking for a treatment facility that offered personalized programs specifically designed for teens. He flew from Indiana to California for his treatment. He was received warmly by the staff members which eased his initial skepticism. He shared that his stay was comfortable and he really enjoyed the nutritious meals he got during his stay.

    When Brandon reached the facility, pleasantries were exchanged and he was sat down by his dedicated medical team, which discussed his heroin addiction in detail. He was made to understand that he had taken a commendable decision of seeking help and this might change his life forever. The compassionate staff told him that though his journey was tough, he would be able to reach his destination of recovery and happiness.

    Brandon revealed that during his stay, he was able to focus solely on himself and his recovery. The medically assisted detoxification process helped his body get rid of the accumulated harmful chemicals. It also helped his mind declutter of all the negative thoughts that weighed him down. He uncovered the underlying causes of his addiction with the help of a therapist. Group therapy helped Brandon develop new perspectives and learn innovative ways to deal with the problem. Behavioral therapy armed him with the coping skills and tools required to stay away from heroin in daily life. He also shared that he gained a lot from the recreational therapies. Physical exercises like yoga helped him immensely and are now an integral part of his life.

    Today, he enjoys an improved and healthy relationship with his parents and extended family. He has a positive outlook towards life and is in a happier and calmer place. Although the cravings return sometime, he is equipped to handle them wisely.