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    Eric B.

    Starting out with marijuana and beer at a tender age of 12, Eric B. gradually moved on to opiates, prescription pills, and finally started using heroin. His first visit to a rehabilitation center was at the age of 14. By the age of 16, he had been kicked out of four rehab centers with no apparent change in his behavior.

    When he was kicked out of the fourth rehab center, his parents gave him an ultimatum. He either got treatment or they would throw him out with no support. The bank would take his car for non-payment and he would have to fend for himself. Seeing that his parents were serious, Eric started looking for treatment facilities. This is when he came across ADEONA Healthcare and decided to get himself admitted.

    His parents noticed a big change in Eric soon after his admission. They credit this change to ADEONA Healthcare and Eric’s determination to change. Eric’s case worker and the other staff members were in touch with his mother almost every day during his treatment. They updated her about his progress and Eric also sent them pictures of him every night. According to Eric’s father, he had been more honest at this treatment facility than at any other place he had been to before.

    The medically assisted detoxification process helped his body get rid of the accumulated harmful chemicals from years of polysubstance abuse. He also lost weight and looked healthier. ADEONA’s focus on cognitive remediation helped him change negative thought patterns. His father called this the most effective treatment he had received so far.

    Eric’s parents praised the location of the treatment facility specially the sunsets and the laid back atmosphere. They said that the family programs in ADEONA Healthcare were different from other treatment centers. Programs here focused on the present and the future rather than the past.

    Today Eric has a new found positive outlook to life. He is honest and confident and talks about achieving realistic goals. Working to settle in California permanently, his parents have promised to support him till he remains sober, which he feels would be forever.