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    Everardo C.

    Everardo C. was addicted to heroin from an early age. Even though he wanted to stop, he could not as he was in denial. He finally realized this during his two months’ stint in a detention center. Spending nearly every day crying and seeking a way to overcome his addiction, he started reading the Bible aloud and praying which helped him in his resolution to quit drugs. When he told his mother that he wanted to quit, she started asking around for credible professional substance abuse treatment programs at her church. A friend recommended ADEONA Healthcare. Everardo soon enrolled for their heroin addiction treatment program and took the first step towards sobriety.

    Though he was scared initially, he gradually started learning more about his addiction which helped him realize his mistakes in the past. The skilled, trained staff at ADEONA helped Everardo overcome his initial fear. He is thankful towards the staff and his therapist for their genuine care and unconditional support. He further added that his one-to-one therapy sessions discussing addictions helped him in gaining a new perspective in life thus making him happier.

    A typical day for Everardo would include going for therapies, personal sessions with his therapist, and attending group sessions. He has taken it upon himself to help the newcomers settle in and be comfortable. I see myself in them, he said. Even I was scared at first and my mates here helped me relax and welcomed me with open arms.

    Now he is fully recovered and ready to go home and join school again to start a new life. Calling his life journey and road to recovery a miracle, he is grateful to ADEONA Healthcare for everything. He is thankful to everybody at the behavioral health center for everything they taught him and recommends rehabilitation for a happy, productive and drug-free life.