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    Lucy S.

    Lucy S. developed suicidal tendencies at the age of 15. Her family had a history of depression, so her mother was not surprised when she was diagnosed with the same. After a horrible episode, her stepmother researched online for professional treatment centers and learned about ADEONA Healthcare. Going through a few testimonials online convinced her mother to enroll Lucy at ADEONA Healthcare. After all, 16 is a critical age in the life of a teenager, she said. But Lucy’s willingness to seek treatment helped.

    What attracted Lucy’s mother the most was ADEONA’s holistic approach to mental health rehabilitation. The highly skilled staff used the latest, most effective research-backed modalities. Patients were taught life skills and coping mechanisms which helped them deal with their anxiety.

    Comparing with other treatment facilities, Lucy’s mother said that the staff at ADEONA Healthcare was highly competent, compassionate, and caring. That is another reason she entrusted ADEONA for her daughter’s treatment. She spoke highly of the doctors present at the facility. Family therapy sessions helped Lucy’s parents understand her condition and how she felt and her reasons behind acting the way she did. These sessions  also made her parents realize that Lucy was not alone. There were other patients also who faced a similar predicament. Her mother thanked ADEONA Healthcare for helping her daughter. She says that her time at the teen and adolescent facility made Lucy a positive and happier person in more ways than one.

    Lucy has made tremendous progress and is ready to go back to her family. Slowly and steadily, she has gained a lot of confidence and has also assumed the role of a mentor at ADEONA Healthcare. She feels empowered and exudes natural leadership qualities. Lucy counsels young girls and adolescents at the facility. She is making a difference. She is now capable of identifying the triggers of her depression and managing them effectively.