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Dual diagnosis treatment was Molly’s savior.

Molly was a brash teenager. In high school, she befriended some people who introduced her to heroin. Soon hooked to the substance, she started missing school and began stealing money from her mother so that she could get her weekly supply. Unfortunately, she was also suffering from generalized anxiety disorder. Because of her reckless heroin use, she completely stopped attending school. One day, her mother found her on the streets begging for money. Shaken profoundly by her behavior, her mother confronted her. Once she realized that Molly was addicted to heroin, she started looking for treatment options for her.

Molly got into ADEONA Healthcare after her mother got to know about it from a friend. When Molly had entered treatment, her anxiety disorder was at its peak. She was treated with compassion and care by the professionals at ADEONA Healthcare. She started receiving parallel treatment for both her heroin addiction and anxiety disorder.

After joining ADEONA, Molly realized that she was not alone. Her interactions with the other patients at the facility made her believe in her treatment journey. She shared that it was initially challenging to attend group meetings but gradually she could relate to the people who were also struggling like her She loved the honesty of the staff that dealt with her. She shared that art therapy allowed her to vent her feelings while allowing her to learn and discover a new talent. Molly shared that through the treatment, she learned to love herself and put her recovery before anything else.

Molly recently joined the university to pursue her higher education. She has opted for a course in fine arts. Although addiction and anxiety are behind her, she is still mindful of the triggers and works very hard to not return to that dark period of her life.