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Pedro H.

Pedro H. started developing a self-destructive lifestyle at the age of 13. The only way he knew to have fun was to numb his senses with drugs which eventually led him to develop depression. Frequenting in and out of hospitals he decided to stop this negative circle once and for all. However, to do this, he needed professional help. After going through a number of rehabs on the internet, his father and he came across ADEONA Healthcare. Going through the pamphlets was enough for Pedro to make the phone call thus taking his first step towards a new life.

It was at ADEONA Healthcare that Pedro’s dual diagnosis for addiction and depression was made. According to Pedro, the staff at ADEONA Healthcare played an important part in his recovery. They were always there whenever he needed any information to guide him in the right direction or even when he needed someone just to vent out. He also benefited from the individual sessions with the therapists’ as well as from the group therapy which helped him center his thoughts, emotions, and behavior. At ADEONA Healthcare, he learnt that loving oneself helped in being happier especially around other people and also assisted in overcoming isolation.

Pedro further said that with an open mind and self-will, overcoming such hurdles in life becomes easier and possible. Terming the 60 sober days he had experienced at ADEONA Healthcare as the best 60 days of his life, Pedro calls his decision to enter the program his first big step towards a better and healthier life. Today, Pedro is committed to maintaining his newfound sober lifestyle and enjoying life to the fullest without the crutches of drugs.