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    Stephanie G.

    Stephanie G. had a problematic relationship with alcohol and drugs since her early teens. She even received a DUI, however, she realized the seriousness of her problems when her boyfriend passed away due to drug overdose. Just when she was contemplating what to do , she came across the ADEONA Healthcare commercial while watching TV one night. One phone call to the facility was enough for her to make a decision and fly from Indiana to California for her residential treatment program.

    Though it was overwhelming and different initially, Stephanie was made comfortable by the friendly and welcoming staff at ADEONA Healthcare. She was housed at an inpatient center which felt like a home away from home to her. She said that she made lifelong friends at the facility who understood what she had been through and was currently going through. She thanked her therapist for being so patient and understanding with her reservations and feelings.

    Individual therapy sessions helped Stephanie significantly. These helped her recognize herself and identify the problem areas and work on them. Group therapy sessions helped her connect with other people with similar issues, realizing that she was not alone. It helped her learn several coping skills as well as feel a sense of fellowship. Stephanie’s favorite were the anger management sessions. She had expressed a lot of aggressiveness and anger during her withdrawal phase. However, the anger management sessions helped her process her thoughts and manage them effectively.

    A typical day for Stephanie included therapy sessions, both group and individual, followed by lunch. Evenings usually were reserved for some self-time which included meditation, yoga or simply talking walks around the facility’s beautiful campus. She praised the highly skilled staff at ADEONA Healthcare and said that they were dedicated and that their concern was genuine. They truly wanted her to combat her addiction and move on in life and for this they helped her in every way they could. They did not treat patients as clients, but as family.

    Stephanie has completed her program and is now leading a happy, healthy life. She thanks ADEONA Healthcare for enabling her to take care of herself and become a successful person in life. She has even recommended ADEONA Healthcare to a friend’s sister who was suffering from drug addiction and wanted professional help.