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    Treasure O.

    Treasure O. always had a strained relationship with her family. Due to the stress, she started abusing different substances at an early age. Gradually, to support herself, she also started selling drugs. As time passed, she started missing her family and decided to make amends with them. But, before she could do that, she knew she needed to get sober.

    She was able to get admitted to a facility that offered a quick-fix seven-day program to rid her of her addiction. She knew that she needed something longer than a seven day treatment program. While sharing her thoughts with a fellow patient, she heard about ADEONA Healthcare.

    When Treasure looked up ADEONA on the internet, she found that they had treatment plans specially designed for teens. This really attracted her as it offered her a chance to live sober again and re-establish family dynamics. It also gave her an opportunity to create the healthy relationships she was craving for.

    After enrolling at ADEONA, Treasure realized that the skilled staff at ADEONA was involved in every single thing a patient did. From house managers to clinicians, everyone made sure that you were okay. Also, there were different counselors for alcohol and drug addiction.

    Treasure gradually eased into the routine and comfort of the campus. After a long time, she felt things were going to be okay in her life. Outings by ADEONA became her way of having fun while being sober. She found the visits to the museums, movies, and go karting informational and fun. The progress she made in the family and individual therapy sessions helped her recreate her own family relationships. The therapy sessions helped her deal with her addiction. It helped her gain self-esteem and improved her mental health.

    Staying with a group of girls became one of the greatest experiences of her life. She grew close with her house mates and created a bond for life. The vibe in the house helped the patients relate to each other. Also the location made the stay welcoming, warm and cozy. Her favorite therapy was the group process therapy.

    Treasure has made tremendous progress and is now ready to move back into the real world. From having zero self-esteem, she now has a positive outlook and is highly confident. She is ready to take on the opportunities that come her way. She thanks ADEONA for helping her turn her life around for the better and praises their uniqueness and ingenuity in handling teens.