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Zach M.

Zach M.’s life was in the doldrums due to his addiction to crack cocaine and meth. He was on the verge of being homeless when he realized that he needed help or his addiction would lead to his death. With the help and support of his family, Zach started looking around for a good program. That was when he came across ADEONA Healthcare and decided to enroll here. He was lodged at a beautiful house by the beach surrounded by helpful and friendly staff.

Calling ADEONA one of the most organized substance abuse treatment centers, Zach stated that the specialized treatment programs here are exactly the same as mentioned in the brochures. He is highly appreciative of the group therapy sessions which helped him relate with the other patients seeking treatment. He also enjoyed sharing knowledge and opinions about various topics and issues in these sessions. The individual therapy sessions helped him share his experiences and the pain he experienced during his withdrawal. He also discussed what he had been through which helped his therapist and him identify his problem areas.

Zach’s favorite was however, the stress and anger management therapy sessions as these enabled him learn behavioral skills to help him once he got out of the center and faced the real world once again. He had a lot of anger inside him which he got rid of with the help of the anger management classes. He found ADEONA’s evidence-based treatment modalities, experiential therapies, and coping strategies to be therapeutic. With the help of the supportive staff, Zach received all the help he required whenever he needed it.

Today, Zach enjoys a healthy and happier lifestyle. He says that with proper determination, it is possible to get over addiction however bad it may be and recommends ADEONA Healthcare to all his friends who need help to overcome their addiction.