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    For Patients And Families

    A serious mental health disorder or an addiction problem does not affect only the individual but also each member of their family, who bear the burden and impact of these problems. Children, siblings, and parents react differently at different stages of an addiction and a mental health problem. The family members experience chronic stress by having to care for this loved one, which may adversely affect their health, day-to-day living, social relations, finances, and even career.

    At ADEONA Healthcare, we understand the far-reaching consequences of an addiction or a mental illness on families and the interrelations. Therefore, we try to integrate families into the treatment plans of their teens from the start. Our programs help families rekindle their relationships and accept and embrace reality. Further, these also guide family members in ensuring that a teen sustains their recovery.

    Admission and Intake Process

    At ADEONA Healthcare, we put our best foot forward to ensure that your teen gets the best treatment for addiction to alcohol or drugs. For this, we follow a particular admission process. The steps to admission and intake at ADEONA Healthcare are:

    • First there is a pre-admissions assessment over the phone during which the patient is asked to give a full account of their symptoms, medical background, and behavioral problems.
    • The next step is a biopsychosocial assessment. In this step, a patient is asked about psychological, biological, and social factors that could be affecting their condition.
    • As the third step, every patient receives a comprehensive medical assessment that helps clinicians to rule out any pre-existing conditions that could complicate treatment outcomes.
    • Followed by the assessment, the admission process begins which includes completion of the paperwork, compiling information related to insurance, reviewing house rules, procedures, and the daily regimen of treatment with the client and their families.
    • Then is the intake process. During this step, the treatment staff creates the patient’s treatment plan and addresses the queries of the patients and their families.

    Treatment Process

    Based on the severity and length of substance abuse, our team of skilled professionals offers an extensive range of customized and research-backed treatment modalities comprising medically assisted detoxification followed by behavioral therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy and experiential therapies like yoga, meditation, art, exercise, etc. We also encourage skill building group activities to help our teen patients cope with the stress and other negative feelings associated with an addiction or a mental disorder.

    The detoxification process is aimed at cleansing the body of the toxic buildup and reducing the painful withdrawal symptoms. Conversely, the counseling sessions and experiential therapy help one deal with the triggers and distractions and encourage them to remain strong, healthy and sober.

    Family Welcome Packet

    We understand that when an adolescent gets treated for an addiction or for a mental health problem, their family members are bound to be anxious. To alleviate this anxiety, ADEONA Healthcare provides a Family Welcome Packet which provides comprehensive information related to the adolescent program. It summarizes the treatment process from the time of admission all the way to discharge. The family members get to know about the treatment process their teen would undergo. The Family Welcome Packet also provides extensive information pertaining to the admissions process, visitation policy and additional resources.

    Comprehensive Treatment for Complete Recovery

    At ADEONA Healthcare, every patient is initially provided with the summary of the treatment program planned for them. Our trained clinicians and care providers take each and every aspect of the patient’s mental and physical health into account before planning an intervention for them. We use the latest cutting-edge therapies and medications that have proved effective in the past to treat addiction and mental health problems in adolescents and teens.

    To get further information about our admission process, call our 24/7 helpline (888) 997-3966 and speak to our admission counselor. You can even chat online with our representative for immediate assistance. We accept major insurances and would strive to work with your insurance company to find the best possible solution.

    For Referrals

    ADEONA Healthcare’s treatment center at Rancho San Diego, California, offers an adolescent program for teenagers struggling with mental illness, addiction and co-occurring disorders. We offer behavioral health care to individuals with diverse backgrounds and demographics. We believe that each person is unique and administer individualized treatment for youths from ages 12 to 17 that fosters wellness right into adulthood. At the same time, we also accept professional referrals for clinicians seeking a solution for their patients.

    Process for Referrals

    There are times, when our admissions team receives referrals from other treatment professionals. In such cases, our primary aim is to streamline the process for the individual involved and ensure that their needs are met first and foremost. We optimize the communication with other licensed caregivers and continue to give support to those in recovery. Once our team receives a request from another professional, they outline the processes of admission, treatment and discharge. The team at ADEONA Healthcare ensures that each step is quick and easy to complete so that no time is lost and none of the parties involved, face any challenges.

    Let’s take a look at the various steps involved once a potential patient is referred to us.

    Step One: Choosing ADEONA Healthcare at Rancho San Diego

    The first step in a referral process is when a mental health or addiction professional identifies an adolescent patient of theirs, in need of our services. They discuss the same with the teen, and on receiving their go-ahead, the professional can contact our admissions team at Rancho San Diego, California. On being contacted, a representative of ours will take the referring caregiver through our treatment options and provide any other necessary information to the referee.

    Step Two: Entry

    Once a teen decides to take admission in one of our treatment programs, our team gets into action to take care of the procedural burden of initial intake. At the same time, we continue to stay in touch with the referral and track the admitted patient’s referral in case any more information is required about their history, pertinent to the current course of action. However, we ensure that all the information shared with us by the referent is in compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act’s (HIPAA), privacy and security policies. In addition, we also conduct a comprehensive patient assessment to identify any underlying conditions that could be present, so we can provide the best care to each patient.

    Step Three: Post-entry

    Following the entry, we get in touch with the referent to find out whether they require any additional follow-up on the patient. However, we understand that not every referrer clinician or caregiver would continue to be a part of the teen’s recovery. Be that as it may, even though a patient becomes a part of our recovery program, we always update professionals who choose to stay involved. To streamline this process, our referent management coordinator will contact the referent within 72 hours after intake is completed to confirm the type and frequency of updates they would receive from our staff.

    Step Four: Planning discharge

    Towards the end of the teen’s stay as per their chosen treatment program, we start to plan their discharge. For those referents who had indicated that they want to continue to be an integral part of their former patient’s recovery at ADEONA Healthcare, at the time of discharge, our team will reach out to them to schedule an appointment. This is to ensure that the patient returns to the previous or alternative form of care and continues their journey to a stable, healthier life.

    “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

    Collaboration with different stakeholders is the key to success in any recovery program. Effective treatment and recovery starts with a concerted effort between our team and the health care professionals who refer patients to us. ADEONA Healthcare’s referral process is extremely efficient and effective that not only emphasizes cooperation, but communication as well. The aim of the whole process is to speed up and simplify the admission of teens in need while maintaining the high degree of clinical excellence we are known for.

    If you wish to make a professional referral, please contact a member of our admissions team by calling our 24/7 helpline (888) 997-3966. You can even chat online with a member of our team for further assistance.

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