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    Choosing the right treatment center for your teen can be an extremely overwhelming experience. As parents, you want the best for your child, therefore, choosing the right program and the right center is of paramount importance. Suggested questions that one should ask the facility while choosing a treatment option for your child must include the following:

    About the location and the facility

    • Is the treatment program licensed and whether the center’s license is valid in the state of its location?
    • Is the program offered by the rehab center for teen accredited by an authorized organization?
    • Does the facility’s website provide detailed information regarding the program? Does it include information regarding the daily schedule, clinical program, and also information regarding the staff?
    • What kind of accommodation facilities are available?
    • Does the treatment center accept insurance?
    • What sets the treatment rehab apart from the others?
    • Is the facility guarded and secure? Does if offer complete confidentiality?
    • What does the admission process entail?

    About the staff

    • Is the staff licensed, experienced, and duly certified?
    • Who does a typical treatment team consist of?
    • What is the staff-patient ratio?

    About the treatment program

    • What does an average treatment plan look like?
    • Does the treatment plan involve the use of alternative therapies and counseling sessions?
    • Does the program include treatment for co-occurring issues such as addiction and mental health issues?
    • Does it offer individualized treatment programs that take into account the patients requirements, medical history, and treatment goals?
    • Does the treatment program offer intervention only for the mental health disorder or the addiction at hand, or does it also work towards addressing the underlying causes that led to it?
    • What are the different levels of care offered?
    • What is the average stay for a teen?
    • What is the average group age?
    • Is the program gender specific?
    • What is the size of the group sessions?
    • How does the program accommodate family involvement? Does it offer full day family programs along with individual family sessions?
    • Does the facility offer the latest in the field of mental health and addiction treatment services?

    About relapse and continuing care

    • What strategies does the teenage rehab facility use to ensure that the patients are transitioned smoothly in the community as productive members?
    • Will the facility accept the teen if they relapse?
    • Does the program include continuing care for outpatient clients after completion of residential treatment?
    • What does an alumni program entail?
    • Does the program provide alumni parents numbers to discuss experience? Also if alumni contact is maintained after discharge?

    And most importantly, parents should first visit the program and review alumni testimonials before making a decision. They should also strive to read through the facility’s treatment brochures and other literature to better educate themselves on what to expect.

    ADEONA Healthcare is the leading rehab center for teens

    We, at ADEONA Healthcare, understand that teens are impressionable and that they need a compassionate and age-appropriate approach in dealing with addiction and mental health issues. We have a team of certified and skilled professionals, experienced in treating addiction, mental illnesses, behavioral problems, and co-occurring disorders.

    We provide residential treatment with gender-separate dorms, guarded 24/7. A typical treatment plan may last for 30 to 90 days. The environment at our facility is safe, secure, non-confrontational, and structured so that our teen patients do not feel threatened when dealing with such sensitive issues.

    To learn more about our state-of-the-art rehab center for teens call our 24/7 teen mental health and addiction treatment hotline (888) 997-3966. We invite you to go through our website to understand our processes and read reviews to know our success stories. You can also chat online with a representative to understand how we can help your troubled teens heal and achieve long-lasting recovery.

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