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    The behavioral health centers of ADEONA Healthcare enlist the assistance of highly qualified and trained clinicians and therapists, who extend valuable support and administer effective treatment interventions to our adolescent and teen patients. Following our mantra of a holistic approach to treatment, our team of physicians, therapists, dietitians, and other professionals work as a team to provide a successful and fulfilling treatment experience to each patient.

    The treatment team at ADEONA Healthcare provides adolescents with compassionate and specialized care for mental illnesses, substance use disorders (SUDs), behavioral issues, and co-occurring disorders. Though the treatment team of an individual would depend on the kind of problem they are suffering from, the team would consist of many or all of the following experts.

    • Psychiatrists: We have different psychiatrists that specialize in addiction medications and mental health treatment. Before administering any kind of treatment, they evaluate our patients from a psychiatric perspective. Once the assessment is complete, they work in collaboration with our medical doctors to devise a medication plan. They are also available for crisis intervention when necessary.
    • Clinical Supervisors: Once the treatment plan is devised, it is shared with a clinical supervisor, who ensures that it is in line with the short- and long-term goals of the patient. They take part in the evaluation process and review clinical records to validate the level of care proposed for a particular patient.
    • Clinicians: Our experienced and skilled clinicians connect with the patients on a personal level to teach them effective ways to identify and express their feelings. They are also responsible for guiding the patient through their stressors and teaching them constructive and applicable coping mechanisms.
    • Counselors: Our mental health and substance abuse counselors assist patients in understanding the nature of mental illness and addiction and how to live with these conditions successfully.
    • Case Managers: Our case managers facilitate communication between team members and patients to safeguard the quality and continuity of treatment for our young patients.
    • Patient Advocates: Our patient advocates act as the bridge of communication between the patient and their families as well as members of the treatment team. They also help communicate the patients’ wishes and needs, and handle their critical issues so that the patients can focus solely on getting well.
    • House Managers: Our house managers are responsible for the maintenance of the residential homes that the patients reside in. They coordinate transportation, individual treatments schedules, meals, and communicate directly with treatment team members.
    • Family Therapists: These professionals are responsible for conducting and mediating family therapy counselling sessions. They work with the patient and their families to enable them to understand each other, set expectations, maintain boundaries, and assist them in facing and solving problems.
    • Nutritional Chefs: Our nutritional chefs are responsible for preparing timely nutritious meals that fulfil the requirements of the patients. They work in coordination with the registered dietician.
    • Registered Dietitians: The registered dieticians at ADEONA Healthcare prepare diet plans keeping in mind the young patients’ current conditions, nutritional requirements, history, medications planned, food preferences, lifestyle habits, and other factors. They also work with the patients to teach them to make food choices that would improve their nutritional status, health, well-being and quality of life. They also work with our nutritional chefs to ensure that each patient’s meals meet their daily dietary and nutritional requirements and preferences.
    • Ancillary Staff: The ancillary staff at our behavioral health centers are trained to provide many different types of supportive services to our patients and their families so that the patient can concentrate solely on their recovery.

    Why Choose ADEONA Healthcare

    Adolescent and teen patients at our Rancho San Diego facility receive a comprehensive treatment program comprising a combination of evidence-based intervention modalities, effective counselling and helpful therapies. We feel that the family plays an important role in the life of a teen and therefore invite the family members to become an integral part of the treatment process. Research has also proved that in cases where families were involved in the treatment process, the treatment cycle for the adolescent was shorter, more effective and long-lasting.

    If you know a teen looking for successful mental health or substance abuse treatment programs at a credible rehab for teens, contact ADEONA Healthcare. Our team of certified therapists and clinicians will help your teen effectively overcome the problems they are facing. Call our 24/7 helpline (888) 997-3966 to speak with our admission counselor. You can also chat online with a representative for further assistance.

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