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Justin Bieber struggling with anxiety and depression
Mar 04 2019

Justin Bieber struggling with anxiety and depression

Mental Health

Justin Bieber, the popular Canadian singer and songwriter is struggling with anxiety and depression. According to a local U.S. weekly, the 24-year-old is seeing several doctors seeking help with his depression. The local newsletter clarified that although the young heartthrob is seeing a therapist, he is not admitted in a rehabilitation center, as the singer does not want to become dependent on medication. Presently, Bieber is struggling with anxiety, depression, and fears of uncertainty about the future.

During a joint interview with his wife, Hailey Baldwin, for Vogue’s upcoming cover story in March 2019, Bieber candidly shared his personal struggles with depression. He revealed that he started feeling the pangs of depression for the first time during a tour. He got so depressed that he recalled cancelling 14 shows of his 2017 Purpose Tour. During the interview, Bieber revealed that he is still processing so much stuff that he has not spoken about his depression to anybody. He was apparently feeling lonely and therefore needed some time for himself.

Trust issues

Justin Bieber along with his wife Hailey Baldwin shared four revelations regarding their married life in Vogue. In one of his revelations he shared that ever since his ‘one-off-bad behavior’ episode and the drama that followed thereafter, it was challenging for him to let people in, and this even included Hailey, whom he married in September 2018.

Explaining his struggles, he shared that it has become difficult for him to trust people. He feels that people are either using him or are not there for him. In fact, one of his biggest struggles is to trust himself, as he had made some bad decisions related to himself and his relationships. As a result, his confidence in his own judgment has taken a hit and he has been finding it difficult to even trust his wife. But, the couple has been working on this.

Struggle with drugs and depression

Bieber also said that it was during these difficult times that he turned to Xanax, as he was ashamed of admitting his past mistakes. He felt that the drug acted as a screen between him and his past actions and eventually it got “pretty dark.” There were even times when his security used to come and check on him late at night to see if he was still breathing and checked his pulse.

Bieber underwent an informal detox program which he completed in 2014 and ever since then, he has been sober. Hailey shared how her husband’s behavior worried her continually. Recalling the dark times, Hailey said she “grieved very intensely” over this entire situation and just wished for him to be good and happy and to feel safe and joyful. Speaking about his sobriety, Hailey said that she is really proud of him as he had achieved it without a formal program and had stuck to it without a sober coach or classes. “He is, in ways, a walking miracle,” she said.

Just a month after his wedding, Bieber was spotted in a visibly upset state in a car with his wife. According to an insider, Bieber has become a recluse and a transformed person. He seems to have lost all interest in being an artist and a celebrity. He further added that Bieber had started recording music, but stopped just as abruptly, as he had a lot of stuff going on in his head and he needed the time to process things.

Seeking treatment for depression

Depression, one of the most common mental disorders in the United States, can affect anyone from an adolescent to an adult. In the Unites States itself, an estimated 3.1 million adolescents, aged 12-17 years, had at least one major depressive episode in the past year. Fortunately, a plethora of depression treatment options exist for adolescents and teens battling depression. However, recovery is a lifelong process and requires continued care and support.

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