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    When a loved one is struggling with an addiction or a mental illness, it can get challenging for the family members to cope. An untreated addiction or mental illness can cause a lot of stress in the family dynamics. Routines are altered, roles changed and everything seems to be centered around the afflicted individual.

    Once a person enters treatment, it is important for the family members to understand the treatment process and also participate in it. This is especially true in the case of adolescents and teens. Families can be a part of the recovery process through education, counseling, and guidance. We at ADEONA Healthcare understand this fact and thus, have a 2-day intensive family program aimed at integrating the family members into their loved one’s recovery.

    Through our program, we aim to bridge the gap between the teens and their family members so that their relationship improves and rebuilds, in cases where it was fractured because of the patient’s behavior or addiction. The program enables the family members to understand the journey of their loved one and offer appropriate support as they navigate through the treatment process.

    Elements of Intensive Family Program

    Keeping in mind the availability of family members, the intensive family program is usually held over the weekend. Some of its major elements include:

    • Personal and family goal setting
    • Peer-to-peer support
    • Presentations by clinical staff
    • Reading and reflection
    • Workshops
    • Group activities

    Topics discussed extensively during a family program include:

    • Roles and dynamics of family members
    • Establishing healthy boundaries
    • Co-dependency
    • Relapse prevention

    The families are encouraged to have a meeting with the case managers to receive updates regarding their teen’s progress. This is the time during which a family gets information about the teen’s medication and therapies. We also offer individual, group and family psychotherapy to the members of the family.

    Growing research has established that family members can make a significant difference to the treatment and recovery outcomes by playing an active role in their teen’s recovery process. Our family program helps the family members to stay physically and mentally healthy throughout the process. The participants are encouraged to recognize novel and constructive ways of coping with adversity and developing stronger and mutually supportive relationships.

    ADEONA Healthcare’s Rancho San Diego center offers a Family Weekend, which is currently organized on a pre-determined weekend. To participate in the Family Weekend, participants must submit a prior request, which is approved by the Rancho San Diego clinical team, based on the progress of the adolescent patient.

    About ADEONA Healthcare

    ADEONA Healthcare is a leader in the treatment of teens for substance use disorder (SUD), mental illnesses, behavioral problems, and co-occurring disorders. Our team of skilled and compassionate professionals offer family therapy in an attempt to help them understand the dynamics of behavioral health so that they can actively participate in their teen’s recovery process.

    We use research-backed treatment modalities to help the troubled adolescent/teens and their families. To know more about our family program, call our 24/7 helpline (888) 997-3966 and speak to an admission counselor today. You can even chat online with a representative for further assistance.

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