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    Living a wholesome life does not stop at a healthy lifestyle but encompasses spiritual and mental well-being also. Proper sleep, regular exercise, and adequate nutrition are essential to a healthy life, but as man is a complex creature, he has spiritual and emotional needs as well. Just as we can fall physically sick without following a healthy lifestyle, we can also suffer mentally if we do not take out time to create, think, mediate, laugh or express ourselves freely.

    Mental illness and addiction often end up destroying our ability to voice our feelings and affect our interpersonal communication, leading to isolation, which further aggravates the condition. For emotional health, it is essential to recover our ability to self-express. At the Rancho San Diego treatment center of ADEONA Healthcare, we conduct experiential therapy activities to facilitate this process. We help young adults rediscover the joys of communication, openly share ideas with others, learn new skills and have fun at the same time.

    Experiential Therapy

    Experiential therapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses various therapeutic techniques and expressive tools and activities, such as role-playing, arts and crafts, music, guided imagery, or other forms of recreation to re-experience emotions from the past or even recent events.

    According to the American Society of Experiential Therapists, this form of therapy brings forth unconscious feelings that provide the patient and therapist unique insight into underlying thoughts and perceptions. This helps the therapist work with the patient to heal hidden wounds. Experiential therapy is fast becoming the treatment of choice in behavioral health centers and hospitals across the United States.

    At ADEONA Healthcare we design our experiential therapy activities to develop healthy and balanced lifestyles and facilitate communication and cognitive development. Specialized therapists such as art therapists, music therapists, yoga therapists, etc., facilitate and supervise each activity and session.

    Recreational Therapy

    In our day-to-day lives, we must take out time for recreation and relaxation to remain healthy. When teens come for recovery, many may not have had a healthy, balanced lifestyle for a long time and may have forgotten about things they used to enjoy.

    At ADEONA Healthcare, teens re-learn healthy habits and train to reintegrate their hobbies/passions into their daily routines. Our experiential therapy techniques are designed to help teens rekindle their spirit and enjoy life again.

    Our trained therapists, patiently listen to their ideas and then create recreational activities specifically for them, including age-appropriate games, sports, learning experiences, and outings. Participating in such activities promotes well-being and results in a positive change. Remembering how to have fun can help these teens, rediscover themselves while recovering at their own pace.

    Expressive Arts Therapy

    Expressive arts therapy draws from various art forms to nurture personal growth and transformation. It combines psychology with the creative process to achieve emotional growth and healing and enhances insight and expression.

    Some examples of expressive arts are music, visual arts, movement, poetry, dance, drama, and writing. Participating in these help the teens express their thoughts and feelings in a non-verbal manner but which is unique to them.

    At ADEONA Healthcare our expressive arts therapists work with teens individually and in groups to help them process their self-expression. When working in a group, giving and receiving feedback helps teens improve their interpersonal skills. Additionally, working on projects in groups, helps teen to learn to work as a team. Once they develop such soft skills, our therapists help them transfer to other situations and settings.


    At ADEONA Healthcare, we train our patients in basic yoga consisting of breathing, stretching and isometric poses. In the Western world, yoga is primarily viewed as a form of relaxation and exercise technique that helps improve muscle tone and balance. It has been seen that this form of exercise helps an individual be mentally and physically fit. However, those who do not wish to participate in this form of exercise have plenty of other options.

    Other Forms of Experiential Therapy

    At ADEONA Healthcare, we encourage our patients not to restrict themselves and to share their own unique interests and talents during experiential therapy. In the past, patients have gone beyond the forms of experiential therapy listed and inspired others with their music, writing, comedy, artwork, dance, fashion design, and other gifts. We also encourage our patients to socialize with each other. Meeting informally has been found to be therapeutic. At ADEONA Healthcare we can arrange for a movie off-site or faith-based outings to attend religious services. Such experiences result in the production of neurochemicals that stimulates positive emotions, which in turn, promotes brain wellness.

    ADEONA Healthcare of Rancho San Diego

    The Rancho San Diego facility of ADEONA Healthcare provides comprehensive assessment and treatment for adolescent behavioral disorders and underlying conditions using evidence-based practices. Our campus is not just beautiful but has been built keeping in mind the safety and security of our teen patients, who are supervised around the clock.

    To learn more about our experiential therapy or any of our specialized treatment programs, please browse our website or call our 24/7 helpline (888) 997-3966. You can even chat online to a trained representative for further assistance.

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