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    Life has much more to offer than academics. An adolescent, apart from attending school, must learn to listen, focus, set goals, work towards achieving them and in the process, gain various practical skills that are necessary to lead a successful adult life. However, a teen suffering from a mental health disorder might struggle while learning such lessons. Further, for those battling an addiction, drug and alcohol abuse may curb their brain’s learning capability, making absorbing and implementing even basic skills an arduous process. However, with the help of skilled and professional therapists, teens suffering from mental health disorders or addiction can be taught such life skills that help them lead a productive adult life.

    Adolescence is considered to be the correct time to learn about such skills. The set of skills required differs from individual to individual. For example, a salesman needs a different skill set from an actor. However according to experts, there are a few common life skills important for a teen. These include:

    • Communication skills
    • Decision making ability
    • Problem solving capability
    • Empathy
    • Introspectiveness
    • Clear thinking
    • Self-awareness

    Adolescents who are problem solvers and can make clear decisions are better equipped to handle challenges effectively. During their transition to adulthood, such a teenager is more likely to be hired and even easily accepted in various social circles. With the help of life skills, a person can work well with others as well as alone.

    Role of Parents and Sports

    Teens tend to model their lives based on the lives of the adults surrounding them. They tend to pick up life skills from family members and friends. Sometimes if they do not have the right role models, they fail to pick up the essential life skills. Experts also believe that teens who have responsive and engaged parents are more adept at acquiring the essential life skills. On the other hand, teens of impassive and distant parents fail to pick up these skills. Therefore, it is essential that parents ensure that they participate wholeheartedly in the upbringing of their children.

    Another activity that can teach adolescents and teens the required life skills is sports and games. Sports is considered to be one of the most effective ways of learning such skills. Sports involve skills like planning, team work, and working collectively towards achieving a particular goal, beneficial for the team.

    In spite of these advantages, not all teens may have ideal parents and not all teens may be able to play sports. A teen suffering from a mental health disorder would not feel mentally capable of playing sports and would not listen to their parents. Similarly, a teen addicted to drugs or alcohol is physically incapable of participating in sports because of poor health and behaviorally prefers to remain secluded. Guidance for such teens is very crucial to help them develop the much needed life skills.

    How Does Life Skills Therapy Work?

    Therapy is the best form of guidance for such a teen. They can pick up various life skills during therapy, which may be either individual- or group-based. Family therapy also helps in providing such skills. Friends can also be valuable in teaching such skills. However, teens need professional help in order to learn life skills and benefit from them. A life skill therapy can help the teen realize the following aspects:

    • The things that are important for the teen
    • What is preventing the teen from achieving their goals
    • How do others perceive the teen’s actions
    • Can the teen acquire other life skills that may help them in achieving their goals

    Though this therapy is relatively new, studies have already proved its effectiveness. Life skills and social skills therapy instills hopes in teens encouraging them to push themselves and achieve what they envision for themselves.

    The life skills learnt in these sessions are practiced during the individual and group therapy sessions. Practicing the skills on a daily basis, enables the teens to learn to use them effectively.

    Life Skills Training at ADEONA Healthcare

    ADEONA Healthcare provides help for adolescents aged between 12 and 17 suffering from mental health illnesses, substance use disorders, behavioral problems, and co-occurring disorders. Our highly professional team of therapists provides life skills related counselling in a safe and secure environment conducive to healing.

    To learn more about the various therapies offered at ADEONA Healthcare and how they can help your teen lead a happy and productive life, call our 24×7 helpline (888) 997-3966 and speak with a member from our admissions team. You can also chat online with a representative for further assistance.

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